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Building Skills that Matter

Enabling PFM reform that matters, driving governance and transparency, and enhancing citizen wellbeing is best accomplished with talented, trained and committed civil servants optimizing FreeBalance software.

The FreeBalance Academy provides training that is exclusively focused on meeting the needs of the governments of the future

Relevant to Country Context

Training is relevant to country context and government domain

Reduce Capacity Building Costs

Curriculum developed to reduce long-term government capacity building costs and reduce need to hire external experts

Comprenhensive and Targeted

Comprehensive and targeted training that overcomes the problems associated with traditional approaches of capacity building

Featured Courses

Take a look at some of our latest training offerings:

Governments are best able to take advantage of systems and the support offered, when civil servants are equipped with the skills to drive sustainable growth.


FreeBalance courses include the following training features:

Customized Curriculum

A personalized curriculum that meets your training needs

Contextual Workshops

Students benefit from workshops which use country specific data and material from governments in similar circumstances

Relevant Case Studies

Our case studies and exercises enable students to apply lessons learned directly from governments

Expert Facilitators

Top end instructors with hands-on public service experience

Certification and Testing

Students have the opportunity to be certified after taking a knowledge test

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